“(Good leaders are) people who were good at … leading their lives from the perspective of their whole lives and (are) successful in all the different parts of their lives… They know how to be whole, which means to recognize and respect the fact that you’ve got not just work, not just family, not just friends and community, not just your private self. All four of these different parts matter.” Prof. Stew Friedman

Parents leading an adventure into the woods.

Parents, would it surprise you to think of yourself as a leader? Most parents want to be successful at parenting, and leadership is a quality that can get you there. How can you be a good leader as a parent? Here is a great exercise to help you figure this out:

  • Write your core values down.
  • Write your parenting vision.
  • Write down a description of a day 15 years from now.
    • How and what will that day look like?
    • What are you doing?
    • Why are you doing it?
    • What is the impact you are having?
  • Define and create a collective parenting vision with your partner.

It is essential to have a conversation as a couple about these things. It can also be challenging. Especially if you find you have different values or define those values in different ways. Be sure to be gentle in the language you use. Use good listening skills with one another. Having a conversation like this can make all the difference in the world. It creates a roadmap for meaning in your parenting life. Roadmaps are vital to being able to lead with confidence to a destination that matters.

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