The Art and Science of Love Workshop is: 

Two days of engaging presentations and experiential activities designed to strengthen your relationship:

  • For couples of every age, ability and sexual orientation who are in committed relationships
  • Shown to achieve results similar to those of 6 months of marital therapy

Based on 40 years of research, The Art and Science of Love workshop will give you new insights and research-based skills that can dramatically improve the intimacy and friendship in your relationship and help you manage conflict in a healthy, positive way.  Along with these benefits, you will take home a box set of cards, tools, and tips to support your relationship.

If you have a strong relationship, this workshop will provide you with insights and tools to foster further closeness, friendship, and trust.  If your relationship is distressed, this workshop will provide you with a greater understanding of your relationship and a roadmap for repair. No public discussion or disclosure is involved.  All work is done as a couple, and a trained Gottman therapist is available to support one-on-one during exercises.

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Weekly Couples counseling sessions are 80 minute sessions held each week for couples experiencing difficult times or crisis.  A complete assessment is conducted and a clear treatment plan that targets specific goals for the relationship is the first step in counseling and is conducted over three sessions.  Then tools designed to help manage conflict, build rituals of connection, and help keep dreams and aspirations alive are used in treatment to assist couples in reaching treatment goals.  Weekly sessions are paid at time of service and there is a 36 hour cancellation policy.

Extended Sessions are counseling sessions booked for 2 or more hours on a single day.  Couples who may be interested in extended sessions are couples traveling a distance, couples wanting to jump-start their assessment, couples working through a crisis or couples who enjoy being able to relax in a longer session format.  Short breaks are built into the extended session format.  Extended sessions are paid in advance and there is a 2 week cancellation policy.

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Gottman Marathon Couples Therapy is an intensive and focused approach to relationship issues that can help couples move quickly through specific issues and learn important new skills in a short period of time.

Marathon sessions are usually booked 4-6 hours per day at a time, for two or more consecutive days.  Breaks are built into the schedule.  Prior to coming in, you both would separately complete an assessment packet which contains several questionnaires about the current state of your relationship, as well as what it is you hope to achieve during therapy.  A brief interview over the phone and review of your questionnaire answers prior to the first session will be conducted.

Couples who might benefit from Gottman Marathon Couples Therapy are:

  • Couples who want a condensed and highly focused intensive approach to specific issues.
  • Couples who want to jump-start their weekly sessions by completing the assessment (both joint and individual assessments) and goal setting in an intensive session.
  • Couples coming from other locations, extended regions, or out-of-state.

 Marathon Therapy is paid in advance and there is a 3 week cancellation policy.  Call 626-221-8632 or Contact Us to schedule your appointment or for further information.

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LeMel Firestone-Palerm, LMFT, LPCC, CGT About LeMel...
LeMel Firestone-Palerm, LMFT, LPCC, CGT
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist MFC 42162
Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor LPC 1534
Certified Gottman Therapist